Andy & Jon in the final of the Handicap Championship

Last Wednesday the Poole Pairs League at the Dorset TableMatch of the day!

Tennis Centre continued with its Individual Championships.

This time 24 players turned up to play the Handicap Championship.

These players were divided into six groups from which the first

two made it through to the knockout stage and the last two made

it to the consolation round. Each players had been given a handicap

from 0 to 27 and had to play up to 31.


Group 1 consisted of Josh Wedderburn (Handicap of 20), Jamie Saunders (10), Joe Sparks (19) & Jamie Menzel (19).This group was won by Jamie Menzel  and runner-up was Jamie Saunders. Group 2 was made up of Owen White (21), Arthur Lomax (20), Stuart Burton (20) & Tom Woolley (24). Stuart Burton won this group and Owen White came second.

Group 3 included Micky Pritchard (23), Ron Danville (18), Michal Medrek (21) & Harvey Stanton (24). The group winner was Michal Medrek and followed by Ron Danville in second place. Group 4 consisted of Max Bannon (20), Aidan Blay (21), Pete White (7) & Gabrielle Jerusaviciute (27). In this group Pete White came top and Aidan Blay came second.

Group 5 was made up of Jon Ferguson (0), Andy Tipsana ( 5), Mieszko Biela (23) & Jake Warry (13). The group was won by Jon Ferguson and second was Andy Tipsana. Group 6 included Dean Wedderburn (17), Ricky Ballard (19), Ian Tipsana (12) & Yamin Rahmin (26). Ian Tipsana won this group and Ricky Ballard came second.

In the next round Pete White beat Ian Tipsana, Andy Tipsana beat Ron Danville, Michal Medrek beat Aidan Blay and Jon Ferguson beat Ricky Ballard. In the quarterfinal Andy Tipsana beat Pete White, Jamie Menzel beat Owen White, Jamie Saunders beat Stuart Burton and Jon Ferguson beat Michal Medrek.

This meant that the semi-final took place between Andy Tipsana against Jamie Menzel and Jamie Saunders against Jon Ferguson. The eventual winners were Andy Tipsana and Jon Ferguson. As the time was already late, the organisers decided to play the final on Wednesday 11 May.

The following players made it into the consolation round: Dean Wedderburn, Jake Warry, Max Bannon, Harvey Stanton, Joe Sparks, Tom Woolley, Arthur Lomax, Josh Wedderburn, Micky Pritchard, Gabrielle Jerusaviciute, Mieszko Biela and Yamin Rahmin. In the final Jake Warry had to play Micky Pritchard, in which Micky came on top and therefore he is the winner of the Handicap Consolation Round.

Next Wednesday 11 May after the Handicap Final the Individual Championships are finishing off with the running of the Singles Championship. After that the Dorset Table Tennis Centre is starting its Team Handicap Competition. Therefore, could I remind all the teams to tell whether your team takes part at this competition.

See you Wednesday