County Teams


For the 2015 season Dorset will have 7 teams representing the county. Following the ranking tournaments for Cadets, Juniors and Seniors, squads will be selected by the coaches for this coming season. Please see the link below for information regarding this year’s cadet and junior ranking tournament.

Information regarding the Cadet and Junior County Ranking Tournament 2015

The reason for a county ranking tournament is for players within the same County to compete against each other to get a County ranking. The top ranked players are usually then picked to represent the County in the County Championships. Players who have represented the County before who were not able to attend the ranking tournament are still considered, but those who attend give themselves a better chance to be selected.

Forms relevant for junior players are found below. The welfare form needs to be completed by parents before their child is able to play in a county event.





Membership and Parental Consent Form

County Player Code of Conduct



County Cadet & Junior Ranking Tournament Report (September 2014)

County Senior Ranking Tournament Report (October 2014)