10 Ways to Include Vases in Your Home Decor

10 Ways to Include Vases in Your Home Decor

When it comes to home decor, vases are easily one of the best items to incorporate. They elevate a space, being both decorative and versatile. So, they are perfect for virtually any interior. If you're considering incorporating vases into your home decor but you need some inspiration, this article highlights 10 top ways that you can include vases in your home decor.

10 Ways You Can Include Vases in Your Decor

Use It as a Centrepiece

Using a vase as a centrepiece for your dining table is a great way to eliminate the emptiness you may find when it isn't mealtime. Large vases are usually the best option for the job and they can be filled with your favourite flowers or any pretty faux plant.

Go Asian Style

Minimalists and lovers of traditional decor may find Asian style endearing. By adding at least one chinoiserie vase or other Asian-themed vases, you would give your home an Asian feel.

Create a Cluster

There are so many ways to create a vase cluster. You can get a matching set of vases and place them together or mix and match several vases to form your collection. As for size, you may either create a mini vase cluster to place on your shelf or mantle, or a set of larger vases for your floor space. For a natural aesthetic look, the vases in the cluster do not all have to be of the same size.

Use Tall Vases

With tall vases, you can add height and presence to small furniture and structures such as coffee tables, dressers, and short shelves. If you want to add more character, throw in some dry flowers or branches.

Line Up a Hallway

Placing a vase or two on the entry table in your hallway is a nice way to beautify the hallway. For a more dramatic look, however, you can line up the hallway with large vases filled with a variety of flowers.

Try Sculptural Vases

Sculptural vases can fit into any room – from the console table in the sitting room to the floor of the hallway or floating shelves in the bedroom. These vases bring in detail to any space they are in.

Touch Up Plain Vases

Plain-coloured vases, whether in neutral or bright shades, are simple but versatile decor pieces. You can touch them up by adding glitter, twine, or a ribbon. The numerous design options that plain vases have allows them to easily fit any seasonal decoration.

Opt for Flower Alternatives

Although the primary function of a vase is to hold flowers, taking out flowers from your vase and putting in alternatives is an innovative way to use vases in your home. Flower alternatives include pebbles, marbles, beads, or even leaving the vase empty.

Elevate Small Spaces With Miniature Vases

Small spaces require small decor pieces. So, if you intend to decorate a small space such as a bedside table or a small shelf, then miniature vases are a great option.

Switch Up Your Vase Placement

When your home decor begins to feel dull and in need of an overhaul, you do not need to replace all your decor pieces. Simply swap them, including your vases. For example, move the vase on your bedside table to your console table. Switch the large sculptural vase in your indoor hallway with the plain vase on your patio, and so on. Just switching the location of your vases can give your home a different appearance.

Wrapping Up

Before getting your vases and going ahead to decorate, consider the size of the space you intend to work on, as well as the overall theme of your decor. This would help you achieve professional results that you actually like and avoid having a chaotic final look. Also remember that vases come in various materials – clay, glass, ceramic, etc. – and this would determine how to maintain the vessels. Regardless of which one you choose out of the above 10 vase decor ideas, vases are sure to leave your interiors more aesthetically pleasing.